Rate Information & Reservation Policies

Rate Rules

  1. Additional Occupants: All rates are based on 2 person occupancy with the exception of Laurel Place. Additional occupants beyond two are $10 per night in a cabin or lodge room. Laurel Place rate based on 1-6 people. Additional occupants in Laurel Place beyond 6 will be $25 each per night. Children under 5 stay free!
  2. Pets: $20 extra per night for each pet in cabins or lodge rooms with exception of Laurel place. Pet fee in Laurel Place is $25 per pet per night.
  3. Minimum stay: A two night minimum stay is required on weekends. Additional minimum stays may be required for holiday weekends.
  4. Laurel Place: Extended stay discounts do not apply.
  5. Taxes: All rates exclude 6% WV sales tax and 6% county lodging tax.
  6. Weekday Special: For rate to apply, check-in on Sunday and check-out on Friday. Five nights at the cost of a four night stay. Rate may not be available during holiday periods or holiday weekends.
  7. 7 Night: Rate applies to any 7 consecutive nights except Saturday-Saturday. Rate discount equals one weeknight free. Rate may not be available during holiday periods or holiday weekends.
  8. Winter Wonderland Special: Rate applies to 3 consecutive night stay on weekdays only. Rate applies November 1 through March 30. Rate discount equal to 20% off of regular rate.
  9. Published rates are subject to change without notice.

Things to know about making an advance reservation:

  1. Advance Reserving: Reservations may be made in person, online or by calling 304-636-2301. We welcome property inspections and encourage a person to do so prior to making a reservation. This ensures that the renter is selecting a property that best suits their needs. When an advance reservation is requested, the right to refuse accommodation at check-in is forfeited as no guarantee of satisfaction is implied.
  2. Deposit: A pre-payment of 50% of the total cost of your reservation will be required to secure your accommodations for multi-night stays. One night stays will require 100% pre-payment. All advance reservations are subject to our cancellation policy, which states that no refunds are made unless the accommodation is re-rented. Credit cards are not accepted for advanced deposit. The deposit must be postmarked within 24 hours. Advanced deposit must be in the form of a personal check or money order.
  3. Balance: The balance due for the entire reservation as dictated by the confirmation will be required at check-in. the balance due may be paid by cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover). Personal checks will not be accepted at check-in. Balance must be settled prior to issuing keys.
  4. On rare occasion, time does not allow for an advance deposit via the mail to confirm your advance reservation. In this scenario, a full prepayment via credit card will be the required method of payment.
  5. All advance reservations are subject to our cancellation policy, which states that no refunds are made unless the accommodation is re-rented.

Things to know about check-in:

  1. You will be asked to settle your balance due before keys are issued. Personal checks are not accepted at check-in.
  2. For the purpose of securing funds for excessive cleaning and damage to the property or its furnishings, a responsible party will be asked to provide a valid credit card. A property inspection is done before and after occupancy. Hot tub lids are expensive, and are at risk with dogs and children in residence. They will break if they are walked on.
  3. At check-in the responsible party will be given a "Hot Tub Usage" form to read and sign. It is this person's duty to inform their guests of any and all precautionary statements included therein.
  4. You will check-in at the Company Store, located adjacent to the Cheat River Lodge. In the even that you plan to check-in after 5 PM, please call us with your expected arrival time. This will allow us to give you further direction on late check-in.
  5. Should you encounter any problems, a courtesy telephone (red) is located at the Company Store entrance. The phone is monitored by staff at all times in the event that a guest should need assistance. Alternatively, you may call 304-636-2301.

Things to know about Pets:

  1. We welcome mature pets in any of our facilities with certain restrictions.
  2. Under no circumstances may pets be left in the lodge or cabins unattended. With permission, a pet may be crated or kenneled at a house. Pets may not be left unattended in the Lodge at any time.
  3. Do not tie dogs outside.
  4. One pet permitted per residence.
  5. A pet charge will be added to your reservation. See current rates.

Things to know about Cancellations:

  1. Cancellations are accepted only by telephone during regular business hours of 9 AM - 5 PM daily. Refunds are made if we are able to re-rent the accommodations for each night that it was reserved. An advance deposit, or prepayment will not be transferred forward to other dates. It will either be returned, or retained for loss of rent for nights that did not re-rent.
  2. Once a reservation is confirmed, any request of change to the number of days that have been reserved is considered a "cancellation," and is handled as such.
  3. Consideration is given to certain circumstances. When lack of power or electricity makes it necessary for occupants to vacate, refunds will be made for nights not used. If a hot tub is out of service, a $25 per night refund will be made for the nights that it does not function. This is a rare occasion as we stock all replacement parts.
  4. We make every attempt to keep all equipment and appliances operational. However, realize that we are located in a rural area where service personnel are limited. For this reason, we will not guarantee certain utilities such as TV, telephone, etc. In these instances, we reserve the right to evaluate each situation individually as to whether refunds are due.
  5. We do not make refunds because of inclement or undesirable weather. Refunds will be made for personal emergencies provided that the accommodation is re-rented.
  6. Allergy sufferers beware. We allow pets. We are located on a river, whereas the humidity generated may be bothersome. Smokers are asked to smoke outdoors, but no guarantees exist.